Christchurch City Choir is devoted to offering sacrificial support and charity to organizations and persons needing help. Our outreach program covers local, state, national, and international bodies that are focused on achieving the task of evangelism.

It is the responsibility of the outreach committee to disburse the financial and other material gifts of the Christchurch City Choir, to assist in meeting the needs of people in the local communities that are under our care.

Kindly scroll down to see a list of organizations that have received gifts from our outreaches.

How to Benefit from Our Outreach

To benefit from our outreach, there is a link to the form your organization needs to fill for accessible data collection. Do not hesitate to fill and submit the form to access the gifts from us. The outreach committee meets regularly to consider those who have applied prayerfully.

Kindly note that organizations applying for our outreach assistance must be known as a non-profit and they must be active in Christian ministry business.

List of organizations that have received gifts from our outreaches

The Women’s Sanctuary

This organization is fully committed to Christ’s Ministry, and they provide a series of programs to the oppressed and emotionally offended women. Their schedule accommodates women who wish to come for two weeks, three months or nine months program.

Home of Solace

The Home of Solace is enriched with the vision to organize, educate and equip women who are in critical need, including the widowed grandmothers. They also shelter and care for the needs of abandoned children within their municipality.

Mercy School of Refuge

This school is devoted to cater to the spiritual, educational, and therapeutic needs for kids who are prone to various risks, especially those who are going through rehabilitation from sex trafficking situations. This organization offers hope and a new beginning to these young children who need to be empowered to achieve their God-given assignments here on earth.


a). Choir Rehearsals

As part of our regular events, we stage organ recital and choir rehearsal, and this is open to the public every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. in the Cathedral. At the summer period and other significant holidays, we converge at a more massive arena to house larger masses.

Some Exceptions to Public Rehearsal Timetable

There are a few exceptions to this Wednesday evening rehearsals, including important holidays, choral recording sessions or when the music band has traveled out of town. These exceptions are published on the Christchurch City Choir website immediately information is received.

Wednesday [April date]: The band’s public rehearsal would hold at the arena.

Wednesday [May date]: There will not be any public rehearsal before any arena gathering.

Wednesday [July date]: The choir’s public rehearsal would hold at the arena.

b). Organ Recitals

A One -hour organ recitals are presented daily by the Christchurch City Organists and some guests organists. The recital does not require any ticket and the public are allowed to come in ten minutes before recitals begin.

Some Exceptions to our Organ Recitals Timetable

April [date]: Organ recitals may not hold due to other church programs

June [date]: Recitals are scheduled to take place at the arena.

September [date]: Recitals in this month will not hold because of meetings of departmental heads.