We are a Christian music band based in New Zealand. Our focus is on organizing and promoting Christian musical events such as praise and worship in New Zealand, and beyond the country.

Since the founding of Christchurch City Choir, we have been consistently promoting and participating in several community choral events, outreach events, praise events, worship events, events consultancy and we have staged several concerts in many Christian gatherings and meetings.

At Christchurch City Choir, we work assiduously to deepen the communion and fellowship of Christian believers with God and each other and to reach out to those outside the Church passionately.

We are active promoters and providers of musical services to churches in New Zealand and outside the country because Christian events are what we know best. This is to say we strongly believe in a high standard of gospel music performance and have the earnest desire to enhance Christian performing arts in New Zealand and beyond.

We are also committed to reaching out to the masses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to promoting oneness in the church through praise and worship events.

Our first choral event in [2016] was themed ‘’Jesus The Truth’’. We plan to make it a yearly event for the musical band, and would optionally invite other groups to come and join us at this annual event.

We are very passionate about reaching out to people, share the love of Christ, and contribute to making the church of Christ functioning coherently driven by our vision of the kingdom.

Our mission is clear: to connect to the entire world with the gospel of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and to compel other people to join us on this journey.