Christchurch City Choir is a Christian musical evangelical ministry based in New Zealand. We are vehemently committed to connecting to people through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to further enhance the unity in the Christian fold through high praise and worship.

Since the formation of this band in [date], we have been consistently promoting and participating in several community choral events, outreach events, praise events, worship events, events consultancy and we have staged several concerts in many Christian gatherings and meetings.

We are deeply committed to promoting unity in the church, and reaching out to people in the local communities through praise and worship events.

At Christchurch City Choir, we nurture our audience in pure worship, high praise, and biblical truth. This, we believe will foster the consciousness of knowing God.

Our Vision

It is our vision to become a well -established body of faith, that through our song ministry, people from the ends of the earth will abide in Christ’s doctrine. We do this by prayerfully and passionately demonstrating the life that Christ Jesus demonstrated here on earth by also reaching out to lost souls, as we preach the gospel of salvation through pure worship.

We collaborate with other churches to entrench unity through evangelism to ensure lives are transformed and God is glorified.

Our Mission

Christchurch City Choir is a singing ministry where God is glorified through songs and Christians are empowered with the teachings of truth. We are in a mission to joyfully worship our Lord Jesus Christ, and continually reaching out to the masses with deep compassion and impact their lives.


Have I heard about Christchurch before?

The choir is known for its regular programs of outreach and choral performance, and this has been running smoothly since the formation of the gospel band. Of course, you might have heard the choir’s songs in different outings in New Zealand and beyond.

How is the organ relevant for the band’s performances?

The organ has an exceptional sound that aligns with the choir style of music. It is a multipart instrument with over ten thousand pipes. With the performances of the choir, the organ is mainly responsible for the distinct sound of this world-famous gospel band.

Do the choir and the entire band get paid for their performance?

They are not paid. All two hundred (200) members of Christchurch City Choir and 80 members of the Orchestra are volunteers who are dedicated to their weekly rehearsal and choral performance. There is a directive that all members of the band must attend eighty percent of rehearsals and performances, and all members keep to it as they spend an average of five hours rehearsing every week.

Contact Us

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